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About Us

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A modern, efficient and responsive national fire protection agency working towards a public safety conscious society.


To protect lives and properties through the prevention and suppression of destructive fires; investigation of their causes, and the provision of emergency medical and rescue services with the active support of the public.


On Fire Prevention

-Professionalization of Fire Safety Inspection through trainings and tapping private professionals as fire safety inspectors (PROSAFE Program).

-Amendment of the Fire Code to include latest trends in fire technology and improvement of fire code fees collection.

-Enhanced fire safety information campaign through ugnayan, tri-media campaign, fire Olympics and similar activities.

On Fire Suppression

-Improve organization and coordination with fire volunteer brigades.

-Enhanced linkages with NGOs and LGUs for donations and other assistance.

-Packaging loan proposals for acquisition of equipment and facilities from local and foreign financing agencies.

On Fire Investigation

-Enhanced linkages with other law enforcement agencies for apprehending arsonists and for technical assistance.

-Establishment of an arson laboratory unit and acquisition of fire investigation kits for arson investigators.

-Trainings/scholarships for arson investigators.

On EMS and Rescue


-Enhanced implementation of EARNET Project.

-Establishment of EMS and SRU in other urban centers nationwide.

-Conduct of drug tests for organic personnel.

-Enhance civic action and related special projects.

-Accelerate training of EMTs and rescuers.

On General Administration

-Setting-up of vital computer based information systems.

-Refinement of performance measurement system.

-Increase in pay of uniformed personnel.

-Fine-tuning of BFP Operations Manual.